Building Confidence and Self-esteem

Young people engage in an array of activities, clubs and hobbies with a view to building their confidence and their self-esteem. Gaining a sense of achievement and enjoyment are key themes when developing a young person’s care plan, so that young people can access the clubs and hobbies that are suited to their needs and build on their strengths. It is important that young people have fun and in doing so develop a number of important skills. Young people access football clubs, cadets, martial arts, swimming classes, dance, drama, horse-riding, skiing, canoeing, fishing and much more. A number of young people are encouraged to access these clubs independently, allowing them to build friendships and feel part of their local community.

Holidays are also a very important part of young people’s experiences at Starley Hall. It is a time when relationships with staff can be cultivated and new opportunities can be explored. Activity based holidays provide a sense of achievement and challenge, whilst trips to venues such as Legoland and the Harry Potter Museum ignite their interests and imagination. Young people are placed in new and unfamiliar surroundings and at times this tests their skills and capabilities. Overcoming these challenges allows them to gain a sense of achievement and builds their resources for the future.

Promoting independence is a central theme of care planning in order to enable all young people to develop the Four Capacities within themselves: Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors, Successful Learners and Confident Individuals. Developing a clearer understanding of who they are, and what they are capable of achieving, is paramount for young people.