Care and Support

The children and young people that we care for have experienced significant adversity and trauma in their life's and at times can be angry and upset at the world around them. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where young people can begin to make sense of what they have experienced, learn to place trust in the adults caring for them, and begin to recognise their strengths and what they are capable of achieving.

We value the individuality of young people and the need to meet very different needs with flexible, innovative and child-centred approaches. Young people sit at the centre of everything we do and are actively encouraged to play a meaningful part in the life of the school and the residential setting. Building quality relationships with young people and promoting a culture of mutual respect is of primary importance and one of our key strengths recognised in our inspection reports.

Our continued vision for the future is to ensure that all young people in our care are provided with an environment that allows them to recover from their experiences, to grow and learn, and begin to make positive steps for their future. We are committed to ensuring that that young people achieve in school, in the houses and in the community and develop a positive sense of identify and self-esteem.