Care Inspectorate Reports

Starley Hall's residential care services are regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate. This includes the residential provision on the main site, and the three houses within Starley Care Services: Tall Trees, The Bungalow and No 76.

Copies of the most recent inspection reports are available below.

"We spoke with the parent of one of the young people at Tall Trees. Her view was that the quality of the service was 'excellent'. Staff had made her feel welcome and they worked effectively with her for her son's benefit. They also kept her well-informed about events and developments. Her son had made 'huge progress' in a number of areas.

He had a good relationship with staff and felt safe at Tall Trees. She liked the house and its location (the service had just moved). Her son had good health care, got plenty of fresh air and exercise and was extending his diet. Staff nurtured and supported him."


Tall Trees Inspection Report, 17 November 2014