Contexts of Learning

Starley Hall offers a community which recognises and develops the skills and talents of young people and staff.

Many young people cannot access learning when they first arrive and this can recur throughout their placement dependent on individual circumstances.

Each young person has a key team consisting of care and education and health professionals who meet together regularly to plan the experiences and opportunities each young person needs, recognising the range of approaches required to offer adequate support to allow each individual to make progress in all aspects of their life including their learning.

Young people are encouraged to explore and develop their personal strengths across the 24 hour curriculum. They are offered opportunities during the school day as well as during evenings, weekends and holidays to build on their talents and achieve at a personal level.

“Education staff have a sound knowledge of young people’s learning needs and preferred learning styles. Teachers plan a variety of well-considered learning experiences, across the four contexts for learning. This includes one-to-one sessions, small group tasks, practical activities, as well as learning outdoors and in the community. This provides very good opportunities for young people to learn and apply skills in new and unfamiliar contexts. Young people also enjoy planned opportunities to develop their skills through play and creative activities.”


Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate Report – March 2020

The school offers a range of inter-disciplinary learning opportunities and this can be seen in the various displays throughout the building. There is a thematic approach to learning which takes place during whole school events, this may be in relation to fund raising events or working with local community partners.

The school constantly explores opportunities for young people to engage in enterprising activities to help develop a range of skills including, literacy, numeracy, business skills, interpersonal skills.

The curriculum is highly personalised to meet the complex needs of all the young people.