CPD and Training

At Starley Hall our CPD and Training Programme is open to all staff working across the organisation and we offer a wide range of training opportunities to ensure colleagues are equipped to work with the complex needs of the children in our care.

We deliver:

  1. Core Mandatory Training (e.g. Child Protection, Health & Safety etc.)
  2. Mandatory Training introduced for specific areas of practice

This is identified core training that covers specific areas to effectively support the specific needs of our young people and as all staff are required to attend these sessions we ensure they are regularly repeated to provide every opportunity to attend, and for new staff to receive the same training as their colleagues.

Features of the training at Starley Hall include:

An emphasis on the sessions being interactive with participants actively encouraged to discuss issues and share knowledge. This not only supports effective learning but also engenders the building of relationships and networks between the adults across the whole organisation.

We ensure there is a consistent link to information about the therapeutic approaches that we use at Starley Hall included in all in-house mandatory training. This is possible because most of our training is delivered by professionals who are actively involved in the education, care and support of our children and are able to facilitate our staff to relate the training content to the specific needs and behaviours of children in our care. These professionals include Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, Senor Practitioner for Mental & Physical Health and a Social Worker who specialises in working with children who have sexualised behaviours.

“Well-trained, highly competent staff consistently implemented well-considered strategies and interventions that were strongly informed by their knowledge of young people’s developmental levels and previous experiences.”

“The service had a demonstrable commitment to embedding therapeutic approaches into all aspects of young people’s care, supporting continuous improvement with extensive training for staff.”


Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate Report – March 2020

During the 2019 to 2020 session, staff at Starley Hall have engaged in in a wide range of CPD and training events – between August and December 2019 this totalled 64 events, with 471 participants. This includes in-house training, external or visiting trainers, and online training activities. These have included:

  • Child-centred Behaviour Support
  • Developmental Dyadic Psychotherapy (DDP) Level 1
  • ‘Think S for Success with Attachment Building’ (reflective writing based on DPPS principles)
  • Reflecting for Care and Support
  • ‘Think u Know’ internet safety
  • An Introduction to Trauma
  • Responding to Disclosure in a Child-centred Way
  • Visual Supports

Gaining feedback from our staff is key in evaluating all of our CPD and training. Staff supervision is also key in identifying training needs and potential opportunities for growth and development of our staff. We are able to offer supervision training to managers from other resources and organisations, and are working collaboratively with partner agencies to offer other CPD opportunities.