Intervention and Liaison

Direct Intervention

At Starley Hall, young people can access a range of interventions with the therapeutic team across the care and education environment.  These interventions are at an introductory level and are not a substitute for specialist services such as those offered by CAMHS.  Where specialist services are required, these are accessed out with Starley Hall.

On-site interventions include:


- Supporting the nurture environment to enhance safety through relational security

- Facilitating communication using personalized visual supports

- Developing emotional literacy through mentalisation techniques, looking at connecting thoughts, feelings and behaviours

- Working alongside adults to enhance social commentary across care and education to support the development of social skills

- Problem solving

- Experiencing play

- Understanding families

- Mindfulness

- Massage

Liaison and Referral

At Starley Hall, we believe our robust assessment process enables us to identify needs that may require input from specialist services such as CAMHS (psychotherapy, family therapy, group work), Safer Futures, and IVY.

Consultation with these services and/or direct intervention can be accessed through our links with external professionals.