Mental and Medical Health

All young people resident at Starley Hall are registered with the local GP and dental services and have regular eye tests and hearing assessments as required. The mental and medical health practitioner ensures that all immunisations are up to date and that medication is reviewed and prescriptions fulfilled. The delivery of medication is audited regularly.

Our mental and medical health practitioner is a full time member of the therapeutic team at Starley Hall. The practitioner, who is also part of the management team, is responsible for monitoring and co-ordinating all medication and medical appointments, ensuring that every young person’s developmental and health needs are met. The practitioner is also the key point of liaison with all external medical, therapeutic and mental health agencies involved with the young people.

In addition to this core role, the practitioner can offer specific interventions to young people and training support to staff in the following areas:

  • Safe delivery of medication
  • Management and treatment of epilepsy and specific developmental conditions
  • Understanding ASD/ADHD
  • Management of self-harm and eating disorders
  • Sexual health and wellbeing
  • Nutrition and diet management
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Smoking cessation
  • Anger management and assertiveness
  • Parenting skills
  • Life story work