Moving On

During their placement young people grow and develop and are encouraged where possible to manage increased demands, for some young people the pace of this is very slow.

In order to prepare them for future life we offer experiences which equip them with the skills required to manage change and increasing unpredictability, this is however carefully planned. It is also recognised that progress is not necessarily linear and some children may go through repeated cycles where either current or previous trauma impacts on their capacity to make progress. At such times it is crucial that we reduce demand and respond to the needs of the young person.

"Through its well-organised senior phase pathways and very effective links with a range of local partners and businesses, almost all young people are developing skills for life and work very well.

For example, young people are developing practical skills through making buddy benches for a primary school and building play equipment, such as a boat. They are developing their awareness of citizenship though planting bulbs, and making and distributing dog waste boxes within the local community. They also repair sculptures in the local community, all of which is much valued by local residents.

As a result, young people are developing respect for others and the environment, as well as an awareness of the world of work, including health and safety."


Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate Report – March 2020

The planning for a young person moving on commences at a very early stage and the school is committed to working in partnership with placing authorities to explore future plans. Young people are offered a range of experiences which allows them to build confidence; this may start with simple tasks within the school, being a member of the Pupil Voice (our pupil council), to being offered opportunities to work as volunteers with local organisations. We have a range of partners who support this process including local voluntary groups, businesses and schools.

The young people at Starley Hall are especially vulnerable and regular planning meetings are held in between school and LAAC reviews to monitor and track the transitions process as placements progress. Many young people access work experience and/or college placements in their local communities during the senior phase in school. Links with SDS begin at an early stage and continue throughout their placement. Starley Hall is committed to Developing the Young Workforce and has robust processes in place to support this.