The Speech and Language Therapist is available to work with young people, providing assessment and contributing to the clarification of needs. Short periods of intervention may be offered to develop skills in language, reflective thinking, and social communication.

Colleagues from education and care may be involved directly in this work ensuring that information is shared to support effective communication in day to day situations. This may focus on adapting language and adding additional visual supports.

The Speech and Language therapist often works with families to share ideas about enhancing communication with young people.

Many young people referred to Starley Hall have communication needs. They may have difficulties processing language and this affects their understanding and ability to express themselves. Communicating socially can present a challenge and young people may need support in this area.

Young people can present with a range of needs including:

  • Language difficulties affecting understanding or expression
  • Social communication needs: for example, associated with attachment and autism spectrum disorders
  • Developmental speech disorders affecting articulation
  • Dysfluency
  • Eating, drinking or swallowing needs