Starley Care Services

In addition to our two houses on our main site in Burntisland we have three community houses that provide care placements for young people and, in some circumstances, young adults:

  • Number 76,
  • Tall Trees, and
  • The Bungalow

The community houses can offer residential placements for young people who may still attend and educatonal placement or provision within their local community. This can range from primary, secondary, and into tertiary education, or into employment.

Across Starley Care Services, we share a number of core aims and objectives:

  • To provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment that is suitable for the young people who reside here. We endeavour to demonstrate person-centred care whilst promoting key principles as detailed in the National Care Standards.
  • Develop a living environment to maximise independent living skills taking into account the age differences and capacity levels of each individual young person. We respect the rights and interests of the young people, and allow them to pursue pastimes and activities of their choosing.
  • Develop their social and domestic skills to live in a house and develop strong links with the community to support our young people into adulthood.
  • Young adults will have access to specialist services such as CAMHS, Fife Multi Agency Adult Protection, and other partner agencies.
  • We aim to empower our young people to exercise their rights to take risks without compromising the safety of themselves or others. All young people/adults have crisis interventions guidance in place. This ensures the team and any other bank members of staff have the knowledge to respond appropriately and effectively.
  • We aim to cultivate positive and meaningful relationships with our young people, parents, carers and work together as part of a team, e.g.  involving parents in all aspects of their child’s support, listening to their views and concerns and responding positively to safe guard each individual young person’s welfare.
  • We welcome feedback from young people, families, other professionals, and seek to adapt and develop Starley Care Services and our practice accordingly.