Starley Hall

Our residential provision is committed to delivering high standards of care and supporting young people and families to achieve positive change. We have two residential houses on the main site in Burntisland, situated on the same site and in close proximity to our school.

The Lodge provides placements for five young people, with each young person having their own room and en-suite facilities. Starley House provides placements for eight young people, with each young person having their own rooms. Young people in both houses are actively encouraged to decorate their rooms and the communal areas, to ensure that it provides a child friendly, nurturing and safe environment.

Both Starley House and the Lodge are well equipped to ensure that young people are actively engaged. Young people have access to a wide raange of resources and games that they can use within each house.

On grounds, young people can take advantage of the open space and outdoor activities, including trampolines, basket swings, rope swings, our sports pitch, bikes and scooters, pedal go-karts, soft archery and basketball. In addition, our young people and staff have installed sand pits using repurposed kayaks and 'sit-on' airplanes. Babcock International - in a joint project with some of their apprenticeships - installed an amazing boat for our young people to play in.

"Well-trained, highly competent staff consistently implemented well-considered strategies and interventions that were strongly informed by their knowledge of young people’s developmental levels and previous experiences.

The service had a demonstrable commitment to embedding therapeutic approaches into all aspects of young people’s care, supporting continuous improvement with extensive training for staff. This had made a significant contribution to young people developing greater self-regulation and improving their self-esteem and confidence.

Young people benefitted from very impressive, structured assessment and personal planning systems that were informed by national guidance and good practice. These had some outstanding aspects. Young people were at the heart of their assessments and plans, and staff encouraged and enabled them to express their views.”


Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate Report – March 2020

The staffing ratios are high on our main residential site to ensure young people are provided with consistent levels of care, support and protection. In each of our residential houses there is a Team Leader, supported by a number of Senior Care Workers and residential care staff.  We are committed to ensuring that all our staff have the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications to meet the complex needs of the young people in our care. All care staff at Starley Hall are registered with the SSSC and have achieved or are working towards completion of their HNC/SVQ 3 in Social Care.

A great many of our staff have additional qualifications including degrees, SVQ 4, and Managers' Awards. Continous Professional Development of our staff is key to ensuring that they continue to grow and develop their knowledge and practice. Regular training in Child Protection, Attachment Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, nurture, self-harm, communicating with traumatised children, sexually harmful behaviour, and domestic violence allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of children and young people.

From our most recent joint inspection in February 2020 (the reports were published in March 2020) we received the following evaluations:

Key question 1: How well do we support children and young people’s wellbeing? VERY GOOD

Key question 5: How well is our care and support planned? VERY GOOD