Tall Trees

Tall Trees is a service operated by Starley Hall. The house is situated in the city of Dunfermline, Fife and comprises of a two story building. The accommodation provides high quality residential accommodation offering a safe and nurturing environment for up to five young people aged between 10 and 18 years of age inclusive.

We view transitions in to Tall Trees as significant events for young people and their families, in terms of managing change, and fully support the need for planned, informed and timely transitions into our service. We recognise that some young people require placements at short notice and our transition process needs to adapt to the timescales of the local authority and also the needs of the young person in question. Ensuring that we have all the available information and have met with key adults in preparation for this move is critical. The young person also needs to sit at the centre of this process and have opportunities to be heard and consulted.

Our referrals come from working in partnership with families, local authorities, therapeutic services and Social Work. Referrals are responded to promptly and take into account the young person’s history, current situation and individual needs. By assessing the needs of each young person on an individual basis, a package of care will be designed and delivered by the staff team. We are committed to working in partnership with external professionals and parents/carers who have a vital role within the young person’s care plan. We have a professional, knowledgeable and highly motivated staff team who are experienced in working with young people with complex needs. We can also access support and direct involvement from our therapeutic team, including clinical psychology, speech and language and mental health.

“We saw that children experienced positive, supportive and enduring relationships with staff who worked well together to build secure relationships with the children and young people they were looking after and those who had recently left the service. We observed appropriate physical affection, offering comfort to young people and supporting them to learn about boundaries around touch.

We saw a strong culture of respect throughout the service. Staff spoke with young people in a calm and respectful manner and ensured their information was stored and used confidentially. Humour was used effectively and discussions about being kind and considerate were a key part of life in the service. The service encouraged children and young people to evaluate their experience against the five key principles of the Health and Social Care Standards (HSCS). They listened to their views, were interested in what young people thought and took action where this was appropriate.

Young people exercised a high degree of choice in their everyday lives and received regular encouragement to do so in a positive, well-informed way. They were supported to maintain contact and meaningful relationships with family members and others who were important to them.

All young people who lived in Tall Trees attended college or school and some individual programmes of educational support had been negotiated to maximise the achievements of young people. Good relationships with education staff meant that issues were identified and addressed as soon as possible.

Young people were encouraged to identify their own goals and aspirations and staff supported them to achieve these.”


Care Inspectorate Report – November 2019

We strive to offer the highest standard of care to our young people consistent with the principles of GIRFEC, SHANARRI and National Care Standards. We advocate on behalf of young people to assist them to achieve their highest potential, acting in their best interest at all times. We ensure all young people are provided with comprehensive, individual care plans meeting needs and incorporating education and leisure activities. Within the Tall Trees environment, we offer a stable and consistent framework of appropriate routines and boundaries, enabling and encouraging young people to have an understanding of what is socially acceptable behaviour on which to base their future life in the community.

We provide a consistent and nurturing approach to young people at all times, recognising their past experiences and the impact that this has on their presentation.  Staff are committed to supporting young people to address and reduce the emotional, behavioural and social difficulties they may be experiencing to enable them to live and achieve their maximum potential when leaving care or as an adult in the community. We endeavour to facilitate the emotional growth and development of young people in our care by providing support, encouragement and appropriate challenges, in order to achieve positive outcomes.

From our most recent inspection by the Care Inspectorate we received the following evaluations:

Quality of care and support: 5 - Very Good

Quality of staffing: 5 - Very Good