The Bungalow

The Bungalow is a small residential house operated by Starley Hall Care Services.  The Bungalow is designed to meet the needs of up to three young people - this may incldue young people who make a transition from one of the other services operated by Starley Hall and Starley Care Services. It is intended that each of the young people can use The Bungalow as a point to build a future, including a residence with the opportunity to continue with further education, and learn and develop the necessary life skills for their final transition into adulthood.

“Young people told us through completed Care Standards Questionnaires (CSQs) that they trusted the adults looking after them to treat them fairly and with respect, to know their needs and their wishes and to look after them if they were poorly. Social workers echoed this view, telling us they felt reassured that the service could meet young people's needs and that young people trusted and relied on staff. Staff spoke affectionately about the young people in their care. They wanted the best for them, they actively listened to their views and carefully recorded their hopes and aspirations for the future.

Young people told us through CSQs that they could make choices in their daily lives about what they wore, what they ate, their rooms and how they spent their time. Staffing levels meant staff were always available to support young people in their chosen activities and often attended activities with them.

Young people could choose how and when they saw their family and friends and they were supported by staff to manage relationships, even where these were difficult. This helped young people to make good decisions and to build resilience.

We saw that staff had actively advocated for young people to access appropriate learning and development opportunities and both young people were attending college. Staff spent time with young people talking through issues and supporting them to make decisions about any supports they needed and how to access these, as well as discussing the future.

Young people told us through CSQs that they felt safe from bullying and abuse within the service. We saw that staff were confident in their roles in terms of child and adult protection. Additional safeguards were in place in relation to advocacy arrangements and regular visits from young people's social workers. This ensured that young people always had an adult to speak to. We saw that appropriate arrangements were in place to keep young people safe whilst avoiding being risk averse.

Staff understood the impact of trauma on young people's lives. A range of training supported reflection on practice. We saw an approach based on building trusting relationships, providing continuity and stability and promoting and celebrating success. This supported a consistent, individualised and nurturing approach to care.

Transitions and changes in young people's lives were dealt with sensitively in an individualised way, and strategies to support children were regularly reviewed and changed in line with what was needed.”


Care Inspectorate Report – August 2019

The young people’s individual needs are assessed during the referral process and we strive to ensure that there is compatibly between the groups to allow relationships to form. We recognise that all young people are individuals who may find it difficult to live together; however we strive to meet all our young people needs and provide a warm homely environment.

The staff team have good experience and have developed good knowledge and understanding of the complex needs that the young people within the service experience. There is a positive and wide-ranging experience and skillbase between the staff members which is a significant factor in this service.

From our most recent inspection by the Care Inspectorate we received the following evaluations:

How well do we support children and young people's wellbeing? 5 – Very Good

How well is our care and support planned ? 5 – Very Good