Therapeutic Services

Starley Hall benefits from its own on-site therapeutic team, with Jane Macer, Shona Quin and Liz Duff. The therapeutic service coordinated by the team offers assessment and intervention for young people and their adults.  The therapeutic team believe that supporting carers is as important as offering timely support for young people.

Our therapeutic services include:

  • Baseline assessment (indirect)
  • Health assessment
  • Extended formal assessment (direct)
  • Consultation
  • Direct intervention
  • Liaison, and subsequent referral to specialist teams particularly with those displaying self-harm, sexually harmful behaviour, who may require specialist intervention such as, psychotherapy and family therapy
  • Training

"Staff provided beneficial, predictable daily routines, using nurturing care, affection and good humour, with consistent boundaries for behaviour, creating positive relationships with young people. A range of therapies to promote relaxation played a key part in the programme of support available. Highly individualised daily programmes at school demonstrated the service's integrated approach across care and education, flexibility and insight into children's needs."

Starley Hall Care Inspectorate Report - December 2017

You are welcome to download a PDF of information on our therapeutic services, either directly by clicking here or from our Downloads page above.