Useful Links

We have listed below a number of direct links to a range of agencies and organisations we have mentioned on different pages throughout our website.

These include both Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate. Both of these organisations are responsible for inspecting each aspect of our service against national guidelines and legislation, and are key in advising us of ways to further improve and drive forward our practice. Their most recent reports can be found in both the Education and Care sections of our site, and together on the Downloads link.

Also included are direct links to awarding bodies such as ASDAN - also echoed at the bottom of each page.

Finally, there are links to a number of organisations we have supported through fund-raising and enterprise activities, such as Kirkcaldy Foodbank and Greyhound Rescue Fife, or who regularly visit us.



"ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programmes and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life."

Balrema Birds of Prey


"Balrema Birds of Prey are Falconers based in Markinch, Fife. Some of our birds are tame and can be handled. We show the birds regularly at our spacious private flying area, on the edge of Markinch, where you can meet and handle the birds and take your own photos/video."

Care Inspectorate


"We are the independent scrutiny and improvement body for care services in Scotland. We make sure people receive high quality care and ensure that services promote and protect their rights."

Curriculum for Excellence


"Curriculum for Excellence aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum from 3 to 18. The curriculum includes the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people through their education, wherever they are being educated."

Education Scotland


"Education Scotland is the national body in Scotland for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching."

Fife Cat Shelter


"Fife Cat Shelter was established as a registered Scottish charity at the start of 1993. As most charities, it is run by volunteers, and is self-funding."

Greyhound Rescue Fife


"Greyhound Rescue Fife is a sanctuary for homeless greyhounds located at Baltree Country Centre near Gairneybank, Kinross. It is run by Celia and Jimmy Fernie and always has many lovely greyhounds looking for a home, plus, sadly, a constant waiting list of incoming dogs."

John Muir Award


"The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration."

Kirkcaldy Foodbank


"We are an independent foodbank working hard to ensure local people do not go hungry during a time of crisis since our launch in December 2013. At Kirkcaldy Foodbank we work towards helping local people and families in crisis by providing emergency food parcels to people in need."

Mary's Meals


"We are a no-frills charity with a simple idea that works: by providing one good meal in a place of learning, children are drawn into the classroom where they can receive an education that could one day free them from poverty."

Paws for Progress


"Paws for Progress CIC is a small and ambitious not for profit company dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of people and animals through positive human-animal interactions.”



"RUTS aims to equip young people with the confidence and skills required to achieve their highest potential and raise their aspirations. RUTS aims to make a positive difference to young peoples lives and the communities they live in."

Saltire Awards


"Saltire Awards are the new Scottish awards designed to formally recognise the commitment and contribution of youth volunteering."



"SQA helps people to realise their potential and to achieve their ambitions by providing a wide range of high quality, internationally recognised qualifications and associated services."

Staffordshire Rescue Scotland


"The Staffordshire Rescue Scotland is a small rescue charity run entirely by volunteers. We aim to rehome Staffordshire Bull Terriers in our care, promote responsible dog ownership and educate the public about this often misunderstood breed."

Talking Mats


"Talking Mats is a social enterprise whose vision is to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties by increasing their capacity to communicate effectively about things that matter to them. Our innovative, award-winning communication tool is based on extensive research and was designed by Speech and Language

We Day


"We Day is a stadium-sized educational and empowerment event that brings young people together with world leaders and entertainers to celebrate their ability to create change and to inspire another year of action."

Who Cares? Scotland


"We are a voluntary organisation and we work directly with Scotland’s children and young people with experience of care. We listen to what they say, support them and speak out on behalf of them."