Starley Hall has a range of services that can be used by local authorities.  All of our services are ‘Reaching Out’ to provide expert and individualised programmes for young people who require care and education outwith the services available in the home authority.   We thrive on working in partnership with local authorities and other involved agencies. 

You will find up to date information in relation to vacancies on the news page. Please contact us to discuss our work or to arrange a visit.

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If you want to find out more about Starley Hall you can speak to your social worker, or other significant adults or you can send an email.  Visits can be arranged.

We have been ‘Reaching Out’ since 1981* with a clear commitment to work with parents and other significant adults to provide education and care for young people.  Starley Hall offers a range of services including day education and residential care.   

If you move around this website you will find out a lot of information about Starley Hall.  Please make contact with us if you have any specific questions, or you would like to arrange a visit.